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Updating a jpanel

) since he's the only one who continues to offer help even though its now about 15 postings since you've last bothered to accept an answer.

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If I print out the 1Lat variable in the serial method it continually prints, however it only does it once here. so, there is a case in which the main character do something (in panel 2) and then the label in JPanel1 the label should be updated.I think that it should be similar to your logic but maybe is more that in my architecture something is wrong and every change should be done from "Main Class". The data comes in over a serial interface, this is coming in fine from what I can tell. The issue is that I need to continually update the JPanel where the map is created and displayed. A lot of the answers I've found refer to setting markers by arrays, however that won't work in this case as the objects I'm tracking could be anywhere.

All worked out in the end so I suppose it wasn't a jpanel updating continuously question.

Let's take a JLabel for example, whose text is reloaded from the database. For a JTable, use Model(), or update the data in its model.

You've got to add a (Document)listener to your JText Field, then update your chart when it changes, and then repaint().

I just realised that i had declared the original instance of file Panel as an instance of JPanle rather than panel loader. The problem I am have is when I try to click on my button to switch to the next Panel it doesnt update the current one to change.

I can now call the method from a non-static context. i have a jpanel that contains a scrollpane with a jtable in it. I am having a problem updating the contents of a JPanel inside a JFrame. In other words I want the destroy the panel I have up when I click a button ...

My question is how to update a JPanel (and probably its container window) in a Net Beans Platform project. After doing some searching about set Content Pane on the com site, I realized that what I need to do is something like Content Pane(drawing Area); (at least that is what I think I need ... I am working on a chess program and its almost done.