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Updating a strategic plan

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Alternatively, it may simply be time to revisit your strategy if your current plan is expiring (i.e., if you are in the third year of a three-year plan).

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The next question is how thoroughly to refresh in each situation."OH NO – these directions LIED, my plans are shot to pieces, AND I'm going to be late that big meeting! That roadmap that worked brilliantly a year ago is may not be reflective of today's environment.Given that even the best plans will age – how can you know when it's time to reevaluate your organization's situation and potentially refresh "the directions"?Finally, and most importantly, this article covers the "right way" to refresh" a strategic plan.Situations that may require refreshing a Strategic Plan: When an older plan has accomplished its goals: If the organization's strategic plan was created with a specific timeframe in mind, or if there were several major strategic initiatives outlined in the old plan which have already been fulfilled, then it's time to move forward by refreshing the strategic plan.The full SPC will discuss and compile measures at its Fall 2013 meeting followed by visits by the VPCC to each college for open, systemwide dialogue.

Based on the results of those meetings, the measures will be refined and the full SPC will finalize outcomes and performance measures for the 2015 and beyond update.

The communication plan’s purpose is to convey the original objective behind implementing the plan.

This could take the form of a common objective listed above, such as “generate the engagement and commitment of key stakeholders in the project.” What are we doing and why?

Fortunately, in this case, the organization ought to be able to enjoy some strong momentum since the existing strategic plan succeeded so well!

Following key leadership changes: When new leadership comes on board an organization, they often will want to re-evaluate the strategic plan to make sure that its priorities reflect the priorities of the new leadership – and make adjustments if needed.

Refreshing a strategic plan also gives new leaders a chance to imprint their own thinking and bring fresh ideas to the organization.