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2-ranked King — 29 at the time — beat 55-year-old retired former Wimbledon champion Riggs, sparking a global conversation on gender equality, and spurring on the feminist movement.Emma Stone was initially cast as Billie Jean King, but scheduling issues forced her to pass on the role.

LAST year, we undertook a project to meet with Malay-Muslim youth and to find out how they felt about their identities as Malays and Muslims. What started out as a project based on our curiosity morphed into something bigger – in fact, we were quite naive when we first started out.are commonly referred to as archer fishes (Allen, 2004).They live mainly in the brackish water of mangrove-lined estuaries (Allen, 1978; 2001).Lip prints were taken by using a lipstick and a transparent cellophane tape.Lip measurements were taken by using electronic digital callipers.Skilled female workers saw their male colleagues getting paid more with a 39.7% salary difference (RM588).

Service and sales workers followed with a 34.9% difference (RM610) and those in elementary or basic occupations at 28.9% (RM327).

Both sexes participated equally, and we discovered many things – Malay youth wherever they are from are willing and wanting to discuss sensitive issues, and are articulate.

They may be shy at first, but are not meek about voicing their feelings about politics, religion and race. Among many things that knocked us back for six, are the following: Resentment and distrust against non-Malays’ economic advancement, and increasingly, of other Malays’ success. “Being Malay is equatable to being bad, lazy, corrupt.

Individual identification is an important and challenging task in forensic investigation.

Lip print on drinking glass or cigarette butt found at crime scenes may link to a suspect.

These fishes are relatively scarce, swim fast, and have sharp eye vision (Blaber, 2000), which makes collecting specimens with nets in the complex root network of mangrove forests challenging.