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Pauly d and farrah abraham dating

I can see it now: the guys being forced to cover up their perfect hair with cowboy hats and to trade in their Ed Hardy T-shirts for tight wranglers and tucked-in shirts.At least the girls' big hair would fit right in (but I don't think the guys' highlights would fly in the South).

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However, some of us are holding out hope that the guidos and guidettes will have a reunion.The 37-year-old appears to have removed all traces of the former Danity Kane singer from his social media, while Aubrey, 33, has pics featuring the DJ intact.Today, the blonde singer shared a sexy snap with an interesting caption, perhaps hinting at the split: reunion talk? As a full-blown reunion looms ahead in the coming weeks, the cast of the MTV reality series recently met up at a New Jersey Burger King to catch up — and scarf down the chain's new Chicken Parmesan Sandwiches! Yup, it looks like these crazy kids have actually matured.And will MTV try to keep the two together to boost future ratings?According to FOX News, Pauly D and Farrah Abraham were spotting canoodling at a DJ job the guido had in Houston, which would be an interesting place for the second season of ' Jersey Shore' to take place.The jury’s still out if Pauly D possesses the maturity to date a MILF seriously, but maybe this is just what he needs to settle down and add some meaning to his life. But enough MTV fanfic, let’s see how this relationship made in reality-tv actually plays out. Pauly’s got that Guido douchebag thing going on, but he’s played a large part in changing society’s distaste for that, so at this point it’s almost charming.

And while we wait, let’s pay tribute to the late, great Conan O’Brien and put these two tanned hotties into the Offspringulator 3000 and find out what Pauly D and Farrah’s kid would look like IF THEY MATED! I would think they would have a lovely son or daughter.

And maybe Pauly D can keep his new ladylove away from her tumultuous home life: it would be better to live with a bunch of hard-partying orange folks from the Shore whose idea of revenge is putting pickles under your bed than with a mom that tries to choke you.

, he said: "I have never been to Houston but I do think she's hot."His agent added: "No, that's silly, that's not happening.

Palms Pool tweeted, “Happy Birthday to Farrah Abraham!

All eyes are on the sexy #Teen Mom OG as she celebrates poolside at #Ditch Fridays!

Is fist pumping, tattoos, orange skin and hot tub-proof hairdos a good life for her?