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Perl dating service

A central repository (the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, or CPAN) meant that for every person who wrote code, many more in the Perl community (the Programming Republic of Perl) could employ it.This, along with the witty evangelism by eclectic creator Larry Wall, whose interest in language ensured that Perl led in text parsing, was a formula for success during a time in which lots of text information was spreading over the Internet.

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The text closes with how to build client/server socket-based network programs, and a quick introduction to graphical user interfaces that are built with Perl/Tk.Perl’s low entry barrier compared to compiled, lower level language alternatives (namely, C) meant that Perl attracted users without a formal CS background (read: script kiddies and beginners who wrote poor code).It also boasted a small group of power users (“hardcore hackers”) who could quickly and flexibly write powerful, dense programs that fueled Perl’s popularity to a new generation of programmers. Serialization Exception: There was an error deserializing the object of type Barabut. Xml Exception: The data at the root level is invalid. Better yet, Cross-Platform Perl shows how to do this under both Windows and Unix/Linux.

Later chapters explain the use of Perl on the Internet, with a tutorial for CGI and Web scripts, as well as excellent material on XML.

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But compared to its rival Python, Perl has faded from popularity.

What happened to the web’s most promising language?

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