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Who is bruce willis dating

This guy has Willis's low-key swagger, too, and, dressed in a gray V-neck sweater, jeans and cowboy boots, he's got the man's unfussy style. Not the one who plops down on David Letterman's upholstered chair every now and then, looking like he's just been rousted out of bed after a bender.Not the harmonica-playing, porn star-dating Willis, or the smirking action hero known for his signature "yippy-ki-yay [expletive]" from the three "Die Hard" movies.

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Both Danny and Virginia were alcoholic, and their verbal arguments escalated into beatings.However, instead of mingling with each other, the famous exes decided to sit in different areas while supporting their eldest child.PHOTOS: Demi through the years "They stayed after to congratulate her and chat for a bit," an eyewitness tells Us Weekly.Aside from being famous as Demi Moore's ex-husband, Bruce Willis is also the actor and musician known to have been through lots of ups and downs in his acting profession yet still manages to remain subtle and wise in facing problems, "You can't undo the past...but you can certainly not repeat it." It has to be admitted that it was a really long journey on a rocky road to achieve what he is today, an A-list actor as well as a millionaire. Instead, he keeps his works evolving for almost 25 years."Bruce and Demi did not interact with each other." Moore, 50, was accompanied by one male and two female friends for the special outing, while Willis, 59, was joined by his very pregnant wife Emma Heming-Willis.

PHOTOS: Famous celebrity families Rumer, 25, plays multiple roles in "For the Record: Tarantino," a musical mash-up that pays homage to several of director Quentin Tarantino's blockbuster hits.

Demi Moore and ex-husband Bruce Willis (with his pregnant wife Emma Heming-Willis) barely spoke to each other while attending daughter Rumer Willis' musical performance in West Hollywood on Saturday, April 5 -- get the details Nice little reunion -- at separate tables!

Demi Moore and ex-husband Bruce Willis attended their daughter Rumer Willis' musical performance at hotspot DBA in West Hollywood on Saturday, April 5.

She was named the 86th "hottest" woman in the world by Maxim magazine in 2005.

Audience will always be reminded about his 'save-the-world' movies.

Nor does it seem like the Willis who apparently worked out a perfectly amicable child-sharing truce with his ex-wife Demi Moore. Early in life, I lost some friends, in freak accidents.