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Terminally ill dating

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"You've got yourself a little gem there - he's so kind and caring.Please look after him." Despite preparing for the worst, Sarah and Lee are trying to raise £180,000 to send her to Germany, where she hopes she can receive life-saving treatment.

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"It took him a long while to come round to the idea, but he knows that this is my wish and what I want for him." So, what would Sarah's message be for the next woman who makes Lee happy?Amy Krouse Rosenthal, a popular children's author in the US, died on Monday morning after her battle with ovarian cancer. Six months after receiving the devastating diagnosis, she leaves behind three children, two boys aged 22 and 24, and a daughter aged 19. In the essay, titled ' You may want to marry my husband', Rosenthal shared the couple's love story, saying she fell in love with her husband in "one day" and was married to him for 26 years. "Everything Amy did was life and love affirming," she wrote. She loved words, ideas, connections." "She taught us that life’s seemingly small moments are not really small at all.Amy’s final essay, written under the most difficult of circumstances — a love letter to her husband Jason — was the ultimate gift to him and also to the rest of us.Writing on her fundraising page, Sarah said: "I know that this is a lot to ask of people but I am desperate for any donation large or small to get me to the Hallwang clinic for treatment as I am needed as a mother, carer, daughter and wife and my family are devastated at the prospect of life without me.The terminally ill woman who penned an emotional dating profile for the husband she would leave behind has died. "I’m going to miss looking at that face of his." In a statement to , longtime friend and literary agent Amy Rennert described Rosenthal as "such a bright light with a great sense of wonder".At first, the dating site sounds incredibly offensive, but the candid sense of humor and irony imbued throughout the makes it palatable.

Unlike other dating sites, has no lengthy questionnaires, no picky laundry list of likes and dislikes.

37-year-old Sarah Reed married Lee last month and started compiling the list to help him move on after her death.

Sarah, who has a 10-year-old daughter, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and has now been told that the disease has spread to her brain and chest wall.

She and her husband, Jason, had been together for three decades and had three grown-up children.

Her heartwarming piece, which detailed her fatal diagnosis and her dream for Jason to one day find love again, was published in The New York Times’ Modern Love column.

She leaves behind a legacy of love and beauty and kindness." Her husband Jason said he did not know what his wife had been composing, but described it as "no easy task".