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Dating scrapbook quotes

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You can also put in a facts page, like one column is about him, and one about you, for instance where he grew up where grew up His high school your high school His Major in college Your major Sports he played sports Clubs he was in clubs you were in Favorite food favorite food Favorite color favorite color Pets Pets You know what I mean, whatever you want to compare in things that are different and similar.You can make a whole list to show these which will be fun to look back on.

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Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.These can be big or small, inside jokes, memories, qualities, etc. I printed black and white clip art directly onto the cards so I wouldnt have to deal with cutting out and glueing as many pieces.Print out photos that you want to include in the album and then make sure to write love cards to go with them (ex. Buying stickers can quickly add up, so to save money I printed out clipart that I glued into the margins and then supplemented with stickers. this is what i've thought of *pics *quotes - any specific ones?! this is what i've thought of *pics *quotes - any specific ones?!You can put your favorite places to go, your favorite things to do, like the previous poster mentioned, the things you love about him, etc.The sayings and phrases in this e Book are NOT longish quotes by someone famous.

They are mostly short sayings you can use as page titles, phrases or photo captions. It lets you have one complete resource guide with 123-pages of over 5,000 phrases, titles and captions especially compiled for scrapbookers. See how I’ve used it to create the page titles for two of my layouts here.

Your romance with the man you love deserves a special place in your love scrapbook.

Perhaps you’re contemplating on creating a mini love scrapbook?

There’s really loads of quotes out there that you can use, just that you need to spend time digging quotes.

Okay, if you prefer something tailored for scrapbookers to use in your scrapbook pages, and you don’t want to waste time digging for quotes everywhere, you have to check out the 5,000 Scrapbook Titles & Quotes e Book.

Or you’re more ambitious and thinking of pouring your heart and soul into scrapbooking the long, beautiful romance between you and your special guy. Photocopy these precious letters onto acid-free papers and do a scrapbook layout on these hugely meaningful and important letters.