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Hook up with a sex offender

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Hot or Not is one of several hook-up apps that welcomes both children and adults. Young/Detroit News via AP) Zach Anderson, an Indiana teenager, was recently sentenced to 25 years on that state’s sex offender registry after he slept with a 14-year-old who told him she was 17.

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This notification is designed to assist community members in developing constructive plans to prepare themselves and their children in living near released, convicted sex offenders.Down, the app formerly known as “Bang With Friends,” avows that its Web site isn’t “structured to attract” children, but never actually says they can’t come in.Meanwhile, behemoth Tinder, despite banning the solicitation of “personal information from anyone under the age of 18,” openly welcomes underage users: In fact, in February 2014, Tinder’s Justin Mateen bragged that more than 7 percent of all users are between 13 and 17. “There needs to be, in my opinion, greater responsibility on the part of app creators and developers,” said Donna Rice Hughes, the president and CEO of the Internet safety group Enough Is Enough.And arguably, by inviting teenagers in to begin with, hook-up apps are inviting them to lie about their age.Appeal: A judge is reconsidering the case of Zach Anderson, 19, of Elkhart, Indiana, who was put on the sex offender registry for 25 years after sleeping with an underage girl he met on a hookup app who had lied about her age.Anderson would spend 75 days in jail, serve five years of probation and register as a sex offender for 25 years.

He can’t continue with his computer science degree because he is not allowed to use the Internet, Grabel said.“He certainly understands he made some mistakes here,” Grabel said.

“They are creating an opportunity for strangers to meet each other, and they’re not recognizing that in those situations young people are particularly vulnerable.” To their credit, of course, most of these apps do claim to segregate the over-18s from the under-18s.

But that’s just a claim: There are no visible safeguards in place.

His court case has brought attention to sex offender cases in Michigan, with many calling for more merciful sentences for young offenders In his interview with ABC 's Nightline last week, he added: 'If our son's a sex offender, there's a lot of other people on that list like him which dilutes the list, and it almost makes it meaningless.' Campaign: Zach's parents (pictured) have launched a Facebook page , called 'Justice 4 Zach Anderson, Elkhart, in a bid to have their son's court ruling overturned.

At present, the page has nearly 650 subscribers You went online, to use a fisherman's expression, trolling for women to meet and have sex with.

The Offender Watch database is updated throughout the day as offender addresses and other offender information is updated in our office.