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Iphone pantyhose dating apps

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Cheng, working as a hosiery sales manager, explained that he asked his son to go to his shop to 'do a commercial' as the child had nothing planned on Sunday.The amateur promotional video was filmed by Cheng's daughter in Sui county of Henan Province.

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Do they just want to have a drink and take it slow?He says: Stockings and suspender belts are to guys what medallions and Baywatch hairy chests are to girls: raunchily obvious, but a frightful old cliche. ' or asking a one-night stand to wander upstairs and view your etchings. In Victorian days, stockings supposedly shouted: 'Come and get it! Suspenders were boringly workmanlike bits of engineering.They were the hosier's equivalent of the Forth Bridge.The reason they accelerated the pulse of your average Mr Gladstone was that in those buttoned-up days a gentleman could go weeks without seeing much more than an inch of below-the-neck female flesh, even from the wife.When a chap was making do on such short rations, the prospect of a semi-clad memsahib, even when trussed up with guy ropes, pulleys and funereal silk drapings, was enough to bead his brow.Once nylon was invented and women had more practical and stretchy ways of keeping their pins warm, silk leggings became little more than an historic and uncomfortable throwback for dirty old men.

The whole fiddly rig of stockings and metal-clasped suspender belts is merely a work of nostalgic artifice.

Yes there's an extra swiping option and yes, it's going to make things a lot more simple. On top of this, there's also a handy map where you can peruse the whereabouts of Heavenly or Sinful people according to their location - and also collect points so you're able to send voice messages or, erm, videos of yourself.

If the person you've wanted to get Heavenly with feels the same about you, then you've got yourself an angelic match. The "erm" stems from the fact that this will be so, so easy to do when mega drunk and sending a vid of you headbanging to Rihanna to that hot Sinful dude across the road just feels like the right thing to do.

Unless they message you a picture of their penis, sometimes people's intentions are a bit opaque.

Like the tights they try and rip off while you were under the impression that coffee really did mean coffee and would you mind if you made the last tube? Enter Heavenly Sinful, a new Tinder-esque app with the added level of being able to ignore someone if they're not floating your boat or specify whether you're feeling Heavenly ("hey let's meet and see what happens") or Sinful ("hey let's meet and see whether we want to shag").

The father explained that the video intended to show his customers the flexibility and durability of the hosiery.