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Martine mccutcheon dating

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After returning to acting, she played Natalie in Love Actually and won a Laurence Olivier Award for her stage portrayal of Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady.

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Milan were reasonably successful, they entered the dance charts three times, but not successful enough to make a living and they disbanded.Now steeling herself for a pop comeback, she tells Event how fame nearly 'My husband Jack met me when everything started falling apart in my life,’ says Martine Mc Cutcheon, as she talks about the moment five years ago when she hit rock bottom.‘I woke up in bed one day not knowing what time it was, feeling boiling hot and not being able to get up to open a window.I remember saying to myself: “It will be better if you don’t wake up.” I would tell Jack to leave me, to find someone else.And while he left the pair when Martine was just two years old, he would return periodically to threaten them.But a childhood spent running and hiding with her mother came to an end when Jenny met Martine's future stepfather, John Mc Cutcheon.The star shot to fame aged 18 playing Tiffany Mitchell in East Enders, a role she took up in 1994.

She launched a music career in the late nineties, which eventually saw her wrack up and impressive five Top 10 singles.

‘I seem to get all these illnesses like glandular fever and ME [the chronic fatigue illness, myalgic encephalopathy]’ – and she has recently been diagnosed with Lyme disease, a bacterial illness that attacks the joints and nervous system, for which there is no actual cure.‘I went from being this girl who was on the television, recording No 1 singles, to this invalid who couldn’t move out of her bed for days. I was spending thousands of pounds on doctors and specialists and no one could give me a proper answer.‘Everything in my life just stopped dead. When I’d had money I spent it but now I had nothing.’ She was declared bankrupt in 2013 and had the humiliation of bailiffs seizing her diamond engagement ring, along with a Rolex watch she’d been given by her record company when Perfect Moment went to No 1.

The irony is not lost on her.‘It’s a hard lesson but it’s a lesson,’ she admits.

He had to wash my hair, put me in the shower, feed me.

I was given a wheelchair by a doctor but I refused to get in it because I knew if I did I would never get out, so it was kept in the corner of the room like a warning.

Mc Cutcheon was written out of the series at the end of 1998 to embark on a pop career, this time as a solo artist. She has since appeared in various television programmes, in films such as Love Actually as Natalie, and on stage in My Fair Lady, where her portrayal of Eliza Doolittle won her a Laurence Olivier Award in 2002.