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I am cheerful by nature and love meeting new people and traveling to places.Register your email address when you book your appointment and we will be in touch with a survey and your chance to win!This page outlines the type of archaeological remains found in Porirua.Other sites related to a former Maori way of life include pa sites, settlements and gardens.There are four recorded pa on strategic ridge top locations which were defended by the natural steep terrain, ditches, banks and/or wooden palisades. East of the motorway the suburbs of Cannons Creek and Porirua East grew out of rolling farmland. A succession of tribes lived around the twin inlets of Porirua Harbour.

The earliest human habitation dates back to 1450 AD.

Archaeologists and other interested people have been recording the location of archaeological sites in Porirua since the late 1950s, when the New Zealand Archaeological Association’s Site Recording Scheme was first started.

Before that, there are many written observations about evidence of Maori settlements, particularly observations made by Eldson Best and Leslie Adkin.

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2013 population: 51,717 After the Second World War, the government acted on an urgent need for new housing. It had plenty of cheap land and was already linked to Wellington by rail, and a new motorway to the area was about to be built. The village of Porirua (dating from the 1860s) disappeared, the Kenepuru Stream was straightened and more than 770,000 cubic metres of rock and soil were dumped at the head of the Porirua Harbour. The name Porirua, a corruption of Pari-rua, means ‘the tide sweeping up both reaches’.

Not all archaeological sites in Porirua have been officially recorded though.