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Passport updating name

The last three sections pertain to the type of service you require.

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The Department of State will return your marriage certificate when it processes your form.If your passport is ripped, torn, separated, washed or altered in any way, it needs to be replaced.This process is for replacing a damaged passport when the damaged passport is still valid.You may apply for a second passport, If you are traveling between politically sensitive countries.The request of a second valid passport is for frequent travelers and is subject to approval by the US Department of State on an individual basis.Visa Rite is a passport and visa expediting company authorized by the U. We charge a service fee for our professional service.

However, we are not affiliated with the US Department of State.

Passport Online can help you travel on short notice. For an additional fee, we provide fast and efficient services in order to receive your passport renewal quickly and securely.

Passport hand-carry company, specializing in the procurement of passports conveniently and expeditiously. Placing an order on our website takes only 10 minutes.

We provide a variety of services, ranging from 24-hour to two-week turnaround times.

Deciding to change your name after marriage involves plenty of paperwork. Changing your name on your passport now will help prevent problems or delays when you decide to take a trip out of the country. Find the correct form on the Department of State website.

The Identity and Passport Service is probably the most important record holder you will need to notify of your name change.