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Yo-landi Visser appears in the piano bar of an old-school west Hollywood hotel, looking like an albino gangster from another dimension.Wearing a sweater bearing the legend ‘BO$$’ in large green letters across the front, the Die Antwoord frontwoman perches on a leather armchair and orders coffee and fresh fruit.

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Visser co-starred with Ninja and Sharlto Copley in Chappie in 2015, a film directed by Neill Blomkamp, a fellow South African.The actress is neither divorced nor does she have any boyfriend in her life.She believes having an affair and dating the person is total waste of time and harm of her career.Cheered on by the obsessive freaks and geeks that have claimed Die Antwoord as their own, they have become one of the world’s most visceral live acts, with crowds proclaiming their allegiance by chanting “zef, zef, zef” – an homage to the downwardly mobile South African street culture that inspired their favourite band’s trashy aesthetic.Visser rarely grants interviews, and never solo interviews – until now.This legend in the making has her unique way of presenting herself on the stage.

The way she dresses up and her bizarre yet unique make-up is something that attracts and compels her fans to love her more. She has an average tall with a height of 5 feet 4 inch. Her musical career started back in 2001 and is still is engaged in the music scene.

Ninja, jacked Die Antwoord’s style from a group of street kids to whom he offered shelter on his farm, by plying them with drugs and alcohol.“Waddy Jones shattered the boys’ lives,” said Laubscher.

The boys — Wanga Jack, Mzamo Mzi, Aviwe Dikiza and Chelvin Engelbrecht — were members of a hip-hop crew called The Glue Gang Boys and stayed on Laubscher’s farm on the slopes of Tamboerskloof.

“But people were paying $250 just to get into the concert,” he said.

Time and again Yolandi Visser is asked whether she has a boyfriend or not?

She later joined the “Max”, from which her popularity increased overnight.