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Resume dating site

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One false move and someone else more qualified might get the position.

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When asked if he presented his now quasi-famous dating resume to the Rebuff Queen, Adams said he respected her decision and he wasn't going to bother her further. On the surface, he has good hair, but he's also an honors student at Michigan State University where he studies chemical engineering (damn). The Rebuff Queen and object of Adams affection cooly asked for his dating resume. Buzzfeed spied this work of art on social media and immedietly went to work writing a story about Adam's very engaging dating resume. So, it all started when Adams asked a girl on a date in the school cafeteria.Bright, a job search engine launching today, uses data to show employees and employers how compatible they are using a scoring system that CEO Steve Goodman said will revolutionize the hiring the process."We believe that there is a job for everybody that wants to be gainfully employed," he told CNET in an interview.And this is all without one of the most contentious issue in current job application debates – that of whether or not inclusion of a photo is the new norm.

And, perhaps more importantly, whether it should be.

Recruiting for a job is an undeniably stressful process.

There is usually a surplus of applicants, many remarkably similar CVs and skill sets, and of course massive time constraints.

Googling a name is common practice nowadays, Linked In profiles without photos are regarded with suspicion.

It can give the impression of having “something to hide” – although what, exactly, this ominous secret might be is difficult to pin point.

Over a period of 18 months, Bright conducted a study with over 8.6 million job seekers to refine its technology.