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Opsview odw not updating

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If they are not, it is usually an issue with the Nagios Core engine. The easiest way to verify this is to check the Nagios Core web frontend to see if the "Last Check" time is updating.

For example, tag the new Windows Server 2008 Hosts with #windowsservers, which will allow Windows Administrators to view them within Opsview Monitor.If you believe this is an error, check the HTTP server authentication requirements for accessing this CGI and check the authorization options in your CGI configuration file. nagios agent의 장점은 snmp로는 커버하기 힘든 어떤 값이든 커스트마이징해서 모니터링 할 수 있다는 것이죠. 단 그 기본 구조를 잡는데 좀 시간이 걸리고 노력이 필요하지만 그건 충분히 감수할 만하다고 봅니다. This documents the major changes between releases 3.7.0 29th April 2010 FEATURE: Notification profiles - a contact can have multiple profiles to fine tune your notification requirements Extended notification methods - can now create your own notification methods, with per contact variables New plugin, check_opsview_keyword, to show summarised state of keywords New Alert Every Failure option, which respects the re-notification interval.해결책 : 아직 알수 없음, 깔끔한 상태에서 opsview를 재설치해볼것 에러 : Connection refused or timed out 해결책 : 방화벽(iptables, tcp wrapper) 정책에 차단되고 있지 않는지 확인한다. Linux의 경우 opsview에서 제공하는 opsview-agent 패키지를 사용해도 되고 아니면 각 리눅스 배포본에서 제공하는 nagios agent 패키지를 깔아 써도 됩니다. Useful for passive alerts New execution dependency, so checks are not run if the dependency has failed.에러 : check_http를 이용한 감시에서 HTTP CRITICAL - Unable to open TCP socket 해결책 : check_http -H -p 웹포트 3. id=opsview3.0:quickstart Nagios NRPE to Monitor Remote Linux Server Monitor a Remote Red Hat Based Linux Server with Nagios Install NRPE in Linux 느린 웹UI 속도 -opsview는 nagios의 fork가 아니고 enhancement입니다.( groundworks, centron 등등 ) nagios의 fork는 icinga( ) 하나 뿐입니다. id=opsview3.1:prefork 를 참고로 하셔서 opsview가 쓰는 웹프레임웍인 Catalyst가 process를 여러개 fork해서 대기하도록 하시면 반응속도가 빨라집니다. Windows의 경우 NSClient ( ) 하나면 못하는게 없죠.답글 및 내용 정정에 대해 감사드립니다. Integrated with existing notification dependencies field opsview_sync_ldap will now synchronise the user each time based on the XML data received.p=61 Grid Monitoring Ncg Yaim Tutorialhttps://ch/twiki/bin/view/EGEE/Grid Monitoring Ncg Yaim Tutorial The geek stuff Nagios tutorial 한 일주일 정도 매달렸는데... 다른 것은 nagios를 그대로 core로 사용하고 사용성/편리성을 높인 것(enhancement)들이죠. WARNING: As opsview_sync_ldap now synchronises, access information may change if more permissions have been granted after the initial creation WARNING: notification information is now stored in notification profiles and newly created users with opsview_sync_ldap will have no notification profiles created ENHANCEMENTS: Set Nagios' log initial states to always off Added new plugins: check_sql_advanced, check_dnsbl, check_aql_sms_credit, check_mysql_performance, check_ldap_sync Added check_ldap (was missing on some platforms) Improved service and template configuration - better out of the box support for common applications and app servers Copy bad nagios configurations into tmp area for diagnosis. Most often it is due to a connection issue to the backend historical database, crashed database tables, core scheduling/check execution issues, or lack of resources (causing orphaned checks).

The typical workflow can be explained as follows: Nagios core schedules a check, and once the check is run the output is returned and the ndomod NEB module pushes the check result to the ndo2db daemon by placing it in the kernel message queue.

Thus, there are a number of things that can interfere with updating the "Last Check" time on the XI UI.

The troubleshooting step is to verify if the checks are actually getting scheduled and executed.

The power of Hashtags is incredible and it reduces the management overhead significantly.

For example, if you add 20 new Hosts ' you may need to edit 15 roles to update the access control so the relevant users can see the new Hosts.

Aside from using Hashtags for notifications and access control, you can also use them for analytics.