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Dating manipulation

Instead of being responsible for what happens to them, argue the critics, Women cry rape at the drop of a pin and run to the courts for protection, just like all those helpless Females of the past.

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Backstairs refers to the private stairways of palaces, those used by unofficial visitors who had true access to or intimate acquaintance with the inner circles of government.The tactics they use may be easy to see, such as psychological abuse, isolation, gaslighting, or guilt tripping.However, some are not as noticeable, such as making you feel as if they are the true victim.One of the most difficult forms of manipulation to not only spot but to live with is emotional manipulation.Some are better manipulators than others, and it is a way of using one’s insecurities and fears to get them to do what you want.If you feel like your relationship is one sided or that you are being used, then you might be dating a manipulator.

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In a relationship, the key to success is unconditional love, respect, and trust.

And emotional manipulation is the antithesis to all of them.

These are the 14 signs you are being emotionally manipulated So, how do you know when you are being emotionally manipulated?