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You probably forgot that the “Same Old Love” singer was romantically linked to former Jonas Brothers singer, Nick Jonas in 2008.The former Disney stars only dated briefly for a few months, crushing the dreams of all Jonas Brothers fans who hoped to end up with the singer.

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It’s safe to say that he’s moved on just fine after his brief romance with Gomez!They broke up five years ago, but have stayed friends. Technically Gomez and Lautner dated for a couple months, before Lautner dated Swift from August to November, in 2009.It wasn’t weird at all for Gomez and Swift, who remained best friends after their sister-wives moment. A loving spouse, a beautiful daughter, a big house on a hill.Some days I wonder if Disney princess moves shouldn’t be banned, because fuck if there is any happily ever after fantasy out there. It seems to work out great for some of my friends, but my very limited foray spawned enough crazy stories to fill up a book.The pair was photographed while on an intimate dinner date on Sunday night (2 April) in the East Village in New York City, according to celebrity blog Fameolous Entertainment.

The Woman in Gold actress in the photo can be seen wearing glasses, a black jacket with her hair tied into a ponytail, while the Django Unchained actor can be seen in his signature look – a fedora (a white one) and faded sunglasses – the same look he wore in his most recent Instagram photo.

As alleged in the AWC, on May 14, 2014, Dutcher received via Fed Ex a $4,125 check, which she deposited into her Wells Fargo brokerage account and, on that same day, she attempted to get immediate clearance for the funds. okay, thanks for asking) couldn't the friend just send the money to Dutcher?

Ah yes, true love, Cupid's arrows, and let's not forget the siren-like lament of RK, that handsome fellow working away in South Africa and having money troubles. For starters, that would have ruined a good tale and likely would not have sucked the poor Ms.

I mean, really, can we talk about dating at this age for a second? Which is kinda funny, because if I think it’s book-worthy, you know it’s Meeting someone in real life the old fashioned way (like at a dive bar) isn’t a sure fire way to happiness either.

The difference between dating at 20 and dating at 40ish is that by now we’re all already damaged in some way. They haven’t lived enough yet to get all bruised and jaded, and they’re young enough to think they have plenty of time to find that fairytale. I’m painfully aware that my clock is not just ticking, it’s on a full-fledged freakin’ suicide sprint towards being a lonely cat lady sitting on my front porch yelling at the neighborhood kids to get off my lawn. Throw back in that whole we’re old and damaged thing, and lemme tell you…the heartache is even tougher to push aside. Maybe that’s both my salvation and my downfall, because when I am immersed in telling a story I am filled with hope.

Especially in tabloid world and social media world, they're so thirsty to find any story," he told Entertainment Tonight.