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There is no confirmed information available on any media about his personal or professional life.Concerning the age, he must be some years older to Keri and they must have met in some 90s years.

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Clearness and freshness of the sound, such as listening to a broadcast in real time in a rarity, receive state hiss also do not mind most, a sense of stability, such as the master copy.It is still not known whom she was dating and who the father of the child is.After her relationship with Sam, the couple do not have any children together.Whole 60 minutes, check the air in the super sound of the master class, including DJ and CM, a music program on the radio broadcast that has been broadcast in the Kanto area April 28, 1977 to ().Along with the nostalgic air of the time, than the ’76 year-to-date the date of RAINBOW, I enjoy (surpassing the press CD title also with various kinds of it) in the past superlative superb sound quality pattern of Osaka Welfare Pension Hall of December 8th what!Samuel Soba and Keri had married in the year 2002 March 17. Keri being a famous celebrity has been pulled into a lot of rumors and her name has been related with several of the top stars which includes Oklahoma City Thunder Centre Serge Ibaka as Keri Hilson boyfriend.

It has also been officially stated that she is his girlfriend which means they have a love affair.

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Keri Lynn Hilson and Samuel Soba are an American couple, who have been with each other since 2002.