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In 2002, Hayley left Nelson and founded Hungry Planet.

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She spent the early part of her career working for a little shoe company called Nike in Portland, Oregon, and one of the largest religious publishers, Thomas Nelson Publishers, in Nashville, Tennessee.Hayley and Michael Di Marco form Hungry Planet books.Since their first book hit the shelves in Fall 2003, Hungry Planet has published more than three dozen titles and, as of 2011, sold over 1,000,000 books.but doesn't quite realize that Doug is deaf — It's a good thing John Early is there to serve as Doug's awkward interpreter, though! Are you who the person you are looking for is looking for? Not for the faint of heart, The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating challenges single Christ followers to step up and set a new standard for this generation!Hayley is the bestselling author of a number of books including Sexy Girls, Technical Virgin, Mean Girls, Dateable and Technical Virgin and has spoken at conferences including Women of Faith.

Michael spearheads Hungry Planet consulting projects, publishing initiatives and the book design process.

It also has a special section on the art of flirting, specific to each gender, and how to interact with the opposite sex. A must-read for everyone dating or thinking about dating someone.

Hayley Di Marco is the best-selling author of over 30 books, including God Girl, Mean Girls, and Die Young.

It also has a special section on the art of flirti This was an awesome advice book!

I found it at my camp's general store, and even though I bought it when I was in the 5th grade, and told myself I would "read it when I was older"(like the age I am currently), I read it and the things they suggested were great topics for every boy and girl.

It's specific in what guys can and cannot do, and what girls can and cannot do as well.