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From there they are sent out communities in Liverpool, Birmingham, Leicester and Sheffield. On most afternoons local men gather above a restaurant to chew and talk about politics, watch satellite television and listen to music.

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Khat was usually chewed in prolonged sessions, producing mild psychostimulant effects such as increased energy, enhanced mood, reduced appetite and reduced sleep.Nauruan police say there is not enough evidence to prove that a 26-year-old Somali woman was raped on the island.The woman's case was raised last month on 7.30, with the program obtaining a video recording of the harrowing emergency call she made after the alleged incident on August 21.Khat was widely perceived to be a food, not a drug, and as harmless, or even beneficial, to the user’s health.Many users reported discontinuation effects such as lethargy, sleep disturbances and mood problems after sessions of heavy khat use, and some reported self-medicating with alcohol to cope with such problems."All the criminal acts that were often committed because of the darkness have considerably gone down," he said.

The 79 lights erected on tall poles in the Mogadishu camp cost about $2,000 each. The lights "add five productive hours to these small settlements. monitoring group report on Somalia published last month said there are 530 camps in Mogadishu housing internally displaced people, 75 percent of whom are women and children who are particularly vulnerable to sexual attacks.

With trembling fingers Abdul Fatah unties the banana skin holding the red-green stalks of khat and steadily pulls away the soft new shoots, discarding the leaves before folding them into a wad and starting to chew.

It is a busy Friday morning in a pretty public garden in Sheffield’s Burngreave area at the heart of the city’s Somali and Yemeni community, the largest outside London. From next Tuesday the chewing of khat, a recreational drug consumed almost exclusively by Britain’s immigrant populations from east Africa and Yemen, becomes illegal.

Chatting women sitting outside makeshift homes at night is a new scene in a once-dark refugee camp in the Somali capital.

In a city where darkness brings the threat of attack, recently installed solar lights are helping to ward off sexual assault.

Mercer PR distributed the government press release this morning, and attached to the email was a police file of the incident which includes the woman's name.