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Reorderlist not updating

reorderlist not updating-32

Introduction In this article I am going to provide a solution for the problem where the Asp.Net Ajax Control Toolkit’s Re Order List control won’t work in IE 11 Browser.

I think that this event is fired right after you drop the element in the list (after reordering is performed), so it unfortunately doesn't help me.It seems like a lot of people are having trouble with this piece of the control toolkit. I've looked for a few days on the internet for an answer and haven't been able to find one. I need to use a drag & drop control to order a list. ASPX: " Select Command="SELECT [id], [naam], [functie] FROM [personen]" Delete Command="DELETE FROM [personen] WHERE [id] = @int ID" Insert Command="INSERT INTO [personen] ([naam], [functie]) VALUES (@str Naam, @str Functie)" Update Command="UPDATE [personen] SET [naam] = @str Naam, [functie] = @str Functie WHERE [id] = @int ID"Data View My DView = null; protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) protected void Reorder List1_Item Reorder(object sender, Reorder List Item Reorder Event Args e) protected Boolean Show Drag Handle protected void Page_Pre Init(object sender, Event Args e) I am seeing the same problem when using an older version of the Ajax Control Toolkit.I would like to realise this with the Reorder List control from the Ajax Control Toolkit. It appears to be fixed in the current version (September 2012), which of course I can't use in my project. But I can't use this control like it should be used.

When the page is loaded, it displays a list, with a reordergrip on the left, but when i try to drag an item, it won't drag.

Solution: To resolve this issue you need to set the Client IDMode to control to Auto ID and it will resolve the issue.

If you ask me, the AJAX Control Toolkit's Reorder List is the most under appreciated control in the Toolkit.

When i run the page, i am not able to drag the icon for the row.

Was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. on the cc1: Reorder List there is a property called clientidmode, it needs to be there and have a value of "Auto ID"...

The reordering doesn't happen at all, not that it just does some weird stuff or returns wrong values... My problem probably is that my control misses some client scripts that should perform the drag/drop action.