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Tupperware dating word choices

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I spent hundreds of dollars on plastic Tupperware containers, ranging from the practical modular mates to the cute carry-all picnic sets, and the even cuter apple and grape containers.

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If my memory is correct, it is a rather wide mould, measuring approximately 26 cm (10 inches) wide. Can someone please explain to me women, and young women at that, rush to attend Tupperware parties? Those able to sit still and let the wonders of certain plastic products wash over them, and those who hate the Suzie homemaker thought of it.But you still have to listen to the wonders of the latest onion-cutter, squishy ice trays and fruit and vegetable saving plastic thingies that always seem to cost a lot more money than other fruit and vegetables saving plastic thingies. " But as my good friend put it: why would you want to be eating mushed up meals out of an 80-year-old container as your elderly gummy self? Of course, the more you spend, the more free stuff the host gets. A male friend admitted he thought that the term "Tupperware Party" was a code-name known only to females for some exciting activity (read: "sex toy party").He was aghast to discover he had female friends who were actually sitting around talking about food containers.Tupperware is the name of a home products line that includes preparation, storage, containment, and serving products for the kitchen and home.

It also includes plastic containers used to store goods and/or food.

Now, from a man’s point of view, that was really brilliant, because you’ve taken this consumer product from the shelves and you’ve actually put it into people’s homes where they can see it firsthand. For women, it gave them a chance to get together and talk about their lives. You know anywhere I am, a man is welcome to come on in. Dixie: I just don’t know where words like that come from like “conundrum.” Denver Post: Do you put some people off when you use big words? Dwayne is 10 and getting more self-sufficient all the time. He’s got a little bit of the shakes, which is a shame. Their latest appearance in Denver is described an intense and outrageous combination of comedy, music and technology. The protagonist is a professor who is obsessed with the novel, just as the primary character is obsessed with books on chivalry. 717 Lipan St., 720-946-1388 or “A Christmas Carol” For the 20th year, the Denver Center Theatre Company is presenting its adaptation of Dickens’ classic tale of spiritual redemption, complete with original carols, ghostly chills, period sets and costumes.

And after the war, it gave a lot of women the opportunity to make money and not be relegated back to the kitchen and thrown away. What man doesn’t want to laugh, and what man doesn’t want to laugh when he’s sitting next to a pretty lady who’s had a little bit too much to drink, and then they start to make bad choices, and the man’s like, “Why don’t we get outta here and find someplace to talk about food storage? But for the most part, it sounds like the lady version of our tailgate parties. Dixie: I just don’t want people thinking, “Oh, well she must know how to read,” or, “She listens to some highfalutin radio program.” No! You left behind three children in an Alabama trailer park. But the little one, Absorbine Jr., oh, he’s a spitfire. But if I can just learn him how to mix the right ingredients in a cocktail shaker, it’s gonna be great. It seems to combine the best communal aspects of both theater and Tupperware parties. It’s impossible to adequately describe, but the trio’s reliance on percussion, paint, tubes, illusion, light and even toilet paper, without the use of spoken words, makes its visceral appeal cross languages, cultures and ages. His obsession has come about through no fault of his own, however, as a committee on campus has reduced his syllabus down to only this one book, rather randomly declaring most other books to be “over-interpreted” or “racist.” Followed closely by the committee, who are in constant fear that the professor’s behavior will sully the good name of their institution, the professor and his student find themselves off on many odd adventures including a train ride to Spain, a fight with committee members poorly disguised as hotel staff, and, of course, a battle with the chalkboards that they can “mistake for windmills to mistake for giants.” This play, a playful mix of intellectual discussion and slapstick humor, is staged with only chalk, chalkboards and erasers, the age-old tools of academia.

Yes, the host usually bribes you with talk of a free glass of champagne or cocktail. And how long do you want your veggies sitting in the fridge? Then there is the pressure to spend something on some product you really don't need, as page after page of the brochure is examined in minute detail.

Yes, sometimes you can use the session as a catch up with girlfriends you haven't seen for a while (if you can withstand the headmistress-style evil eyes you receive from those who want to hear DETAILS). "They keep your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer! It's a pressure I withstood the one time I attended because a good friend was hosting, but only the strong are capable.

Denver Post: So is this what the old guy meant in “The Graduate” when he told Benjamin the future is in plastics? He didn’t come out and say, “Hey, the future is in great food-storage solutions for your home and office,” but he could have. Denver Post: So why do you think Tupperware has lasted for 65 years? Denver Post: See, I thought it’s lasted 65 years because it’s not biodegradable. The place closes at midnight, which is weird because she’s always getting home about 5 a.m., and her hair’s all screwed up. The performance runs 90 minutes with no intermission. 303-893-4100 or For two nights only, the Buntport Theater ensemble will restage the first show it ever created. Stage Theatre, Denver Performing Arts Complex, 14th and Curtis streets, 303-893-4100 or “A Christmas Carol” The Colorado Shakespeare Festival presents this non-musical look at the miser Ebenezer Scrooge, who must learn to escape a future that is haunted by his past. It features three wise vatos, and a father and son in conflict over family traditions.