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Dating a peace corps volunteer

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Then, you throw in the living in different communities, the focus on your work, and the attention you must give to cultural norms...Well, you end up with not a great recipe for a healthy and successful relationship.

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They sometimes live in cultures that have different views about non-heterosexual pairings.Anyway, my point being don't bank on finding that special someone in Peace Corps. The potential partner pool is small and you often don't get to spend quality alone time (unless you think crowds of 5 or more constitute being alone).Awkwardness immediately springs to life when you watch people battle stomach issues or have mini-breakdowns because they cannot figure out how to pronounce the "g" with the little hat (gggghhhrr). We can follow confusing directions and can take you anywhere. When you go back with your Peace Corps volunteer boyfriend or girlfriend to visit, you will become the center of attention. It’s part of the job and temper tantrums aside, we generally enjoy it. We have been all over places that can’t be found on a map. Any former volunteer is a local celebrity in their community. We may not be prepared to kids, but chances are, we have dealt with many that were not our own. After all, they’ve spent 27 months dealing with some over-paid government employee’s enforcement of rules sent from Washington that were intended to apply to a small remote village the Washington employee has never been to.

Any returned Peace Corps volunteer can help you deal with that. Employers are always looking for returned Peace Corps volunteers. Employers know this and hire us with the knowledge we can handle anything they throw at us. (But commiserating with fellow volunteers happens all the time.) Deep down, we believe things can and will be better.

As long as we aren’t around other volunteers, we remain positive about the goodness in the world. Living 2 years on a monthly salary you probably make in a day is something we are totally comfortable with. We can watch ants for hours and fully understand why chickens are relatives to dinosaurs.

We have read more books and watched more movies than what is healthy. We will not depend on you to spend every waking hour giving us attention. You’ll never hear volunteers complaining about designer labels or water pressure.

In honor of Peace Corps’s 53rd anniversary, the focus is on love in the Peace Corps. It does not seem to matter if volunteers arrive single, dating someone long-distance, or married; they are in for a challenge.

For a look back on part one: Melodrama, Love & Romance in Mexico, click here. All volunteers fall into at least one of the following categories during their service: In the Peace Corps, being single is hard.

It seems like everybody and their grandmother seems to think Peace Corps is some sort of marriage agency. I have seen a few PCVs pair off and even more marry Host Country Nationals.