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Are melissa o neil and rex goudie still dating

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During her run throughout the Top Ten, she was placed in the bottom two during the first two weeks of live voting.

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When the tour wrapped in April, O'Neil decided to go back to her old school for the remaining two months before graduation.They eventually admitted it on CTV, during a post-Juno interview.Melissia is currently touring around Canada in a show paired with Rex Goudie.However, during the Top 32, her cover of "Concrete Angel" by Martina Mc Bride floored the judges.She was voted into the Top Ten with the highest number of votes from her group of eight semi-finalists."I needed to be in a conducive learning environment - a computer in the corner of my apartment is not." It would also be a chance to reconnect with friends she hadn't seen in almost a year. Turns out the same students who had supported her, voted for her and been so proud of her during the competition had experienced a change of heart after she won.

"One of my best friends called and asked me if I was coming back to school," recalls O'Neil, now 18.

Canadian Idol Melissa O'Neil and runner up Rex Goudie have confirmed they are dating.

Idol O'Neil, runner-up Goudie confess to romance Updated Fri. 7 2006 AM ETKristen Brown, News Staff Canadian Idol winner Melissa O'Neil and runner-up Idol Rex Goudie confessed to CTV on Thursday that they are indeed romantically involved.

Melissa O'Neil is a Canadian singer and musical theater actress.

She was born on July 12, 1988, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and was raised in the same place. She has not dated anyone since she has come to the notice of the media.

This has lead to what many see as her natural beauty.