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Who is john goodman dating

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“The Carsey-Werner Co., [which produced ‘Roseanne,’] wanted me to meet him to see if I liked him to play my husband,” Barr recalls of Goodman’s casting.

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He fit in rehearsals around his performance schedule for Broadway’s “The Front Page.” And no hard feelings, OK Rex?Goodman plays a just-the-facts-ma’am CIA agent debriefing Charlize Theron, a killer action hero.“She’s very funny, very good, very physical in this role,” he says, adding that Theron supplies brawn, while he’s the guy who explains the backstory and what’s going on.“I was shooting a movie, Kong: Skull Island, in Australia.I had a three-week Christmas break, so I shot Atomic Blonde [released July 28] in one week in Budapest,” he says.In the finale, a final twist revealed that in fact, the whole concluding season was in Roseanne's mind, a coping mechanism after her husband passed.

It remains to be seen how the revival would address this puzzling change in direction."The Big Bang Theory" star Johnny Galecki also starred on the hit show, but there's no word yet whether he's interested in reprising his role for the reboot.

The exciting news comes just shy of the two-decade anniversary of the "Roseanne" finale.

The series came to a close in May 1997 after nearly ten years on the air.

The series also starred Laurie Metcalf–who won multiple Emmys for her portrayal of Roseanne’s sister, Jackie–as well as “Big Bang Theory” star Johnny Galecki and Estelle Parsons.

Barr was also nominated for four Emmys during the shows run, winning one, in addition to five Golden Globe nominations, again winning one.

Goodman received seven Emmy nominations for the series, along with four Golden Globe nominations, of which he won one.