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Who is trevor blumas dating

In light of the facts about Hayden Christensen, the interview in 'Interview' magazine is an astonishing piece of bold-face hypocrisy, combined with past astonishing lies Hayden has told about not being gay, the same time he was boyfriends with a young man named Trevor Blumas.

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Over the past few years, Hayden Christensen has also continually insulted and impugned the press when they claimed that he was gay, and inferred that the press was making up stories and making up facts.Trevor Blumas was born and raised in London, Ontario, Canada, and in his elementary years, attended the Lester B.Pearson School for the Arts, where he studied music, dance, drama, and art. Read More After saving the life of the President in Washington D. S Secret Service agents are whisked away to a covert location in South Dakota that houses supernatural objects that the Regents, an Authority above and outside any government, hav...Admit it: you were jealous of Mary-Kate and Ashley in all of their movies. They got to travel around the world tackling serious real world problems (clean drinking water in Paris, stolen artifacts), while wearing the cutest outfits, and conveniently finding romance with hot guys at every turn. Played by Trevor Blumas, Greg had one single date with the better athlete of the twins, played by Mary-Kate.They awkwardly discussed science and the weather, and he really just wanted to play video games — but he was just so cute. Avery in This movie found the girls in the Witness Protection Program after witnessing a priceless diamond being robbed from a museum and on the run in Sydney, Australia after several mishaps. ) with two cute blonde surfers who show them the sights of Sydney. Scott in Scott wasn’t too bright, but he was certainly cute, and tried so hard to impress Madison (Mary-Kate) that we have to give him props for trying.He genuinely wanted to make sure Melanie (Mary-Kate) saw the best of Paris, moped, baguettes, and all. Brian in Riley, played by Ashley, crushed so hard on Brian that she wormed her way onto the Model U. They also shared a steamy kiss in an air duct, which definitely sets the bar high. They sound like terrible parents) and he quickly became the source of tension between Alex (Ashley) and another vacationer, Brianna Wallace (played by a young Megan Fox! He was undeniably gorgeous and had a great bad boy edge, but he loses points because he got the girls locked up in a Carribbean jail cell, albeit briefly. Aside from being REALLY cute, he’s British royalty!

Fun Fact: Jean was played by Ethan Peck, aka Gregory Peck’s grandson. The accent, the school uniform, the British manners — he’s the whole package.

He was busy with a far more serious band called Corduroy at the time, anyway.

Then fate intervened.“I was applying for FACTOR grants and thought, ‘Well, we might as well apply for Doomsquad, as well, and if we get the money I’ll just put it towards Corduroy,’” laughs Trevor, 30, over drinks with little sister Allie, the youngest Blumas at 24, on Spadina earlier this week. Then Doomsquad ended up getting accepted for a FACTOR grant just on this four-track joke of a recording and the other band didn’t.

Is there anything cuter than an Aussie accent and those blue eyes? He flubs the name of her favorite Judy Blume book (it’s …see what I did there?

) and has to be coached via walkie talkie during a date to converse with her.

He is also known for 2000s film roles in The Unsaid and Ice Princess.