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Who is olivia chachi gonzales dating

But, often her relationship news also takes the spotlight.Having had maintained a still love life for three years now, Chachi Gonzales, an American dancer, and choreographer is the one you should be looking.

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When everybody is behind Chachi, there is someone for whom Chachi's heart beats. He is Josh Leyva who is famous for his youtube videos.Chachi Gonzales, an American dancer, who is also a youtuber has earned fame with her moves and grooves.She is an elegant lady and moving along the beat with divine grace is what she is best in doing.Chachi Gonzales and her relation with Josh Leyva is the definitions of relationship goals.Let's find out what's so special about them.It's not just her dance move that is smooth; she is equally blessed with a graceful life.

Chachi 21, is currently in a very loving relationship with her boyfriend Josh Leyva, who is also a youtuber.

The love between the two cute couple arose back in 2014 and its still going strong and growing like a fresh rose.

The chemistry between the pair is what people are fascinated about.

Love sparked between the two, back in 2014 and after dating three years down the line, their love for each other has blossomed like a fresh rose; the beauty of which makes people spellbound.

They both love one another to every possible bit and never seem to miss a single chance to flaunt their bond out in the open.

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