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Is ariana grande dating rupert grint

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The most terrifying [thing] was when I saw a picture in a newspaper of a book-burning in America’s Bible Belt.And there was a picture of my face smouldering on top of the pyre because they thought the Harry Potter films were endorsing witchcraft.

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Speaking to the Independent, a Crackle spokesperson said the show would likely air in Britain 'at some point, but it's too soon to say where yet.That was when it hit me how big this thing had become.” But book burnings aside, international celebrity isn't without its perks.Grint earns £4m a film and has already left his handprints alongside Al Pacino’s outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.I actually caught fire once, and I didn’t even know it was happening,” he revealed.In an interview with FHM, he hinted that both he and Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry Potter, had tried to win favour with Granger, but declined to comment on which of the two was more enamoured with her. The 20-year-old, who suffers from severe arachnophobia, also spoke about the more "terrifying" aspects of fame.“There was a moment where I remember thinking, ‘I have no idea what I’m going to do with all this money,’” he said.

Despite his growing riches, Grint hasn't adopted the typical celebrity lifestyle.

And we don’t mean in Professor Flitwick’s class *wink wink*.

No magic is necessary because this British beauty naturally can’t keep the fellas away. How many 24-year-olds can say they’re also UN ambassadors?

He also had a funny encounter with singer Leo Sayer.“Leo Sayer, he came up to me and he said he loved my music,” Grint recalled, laughing. I just, yeah, I play along.” [embedded content] It’s hard to fault mixed up fans for the mistake.

Grint even appeared as Sheeran, 25, in the music video for his song “Lego House.”And the British actor revealed that he’s very laid-back when it comes to these things — and all things really.“Not a lot phases me.

Instead of the usual fleet of fast cars, he drives a dilapidated pickup truck, a working ice-cream van and a 60mph hovercraft.