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We need to meet as I have already started building the new world.

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Opening his heart about his devastation, he said he continued to feel alone, and angrily described the loss he had suffered as "not fair" and "absurd".There doesn't seem to be much (any) evidence for this, though rumour has it he was either bribed or blackmailed by NASA.A video which claimed to show Stanley confessing was proved a fake and Stanley's daughter Vivian spoke out last year debunking the claims.And someone answering out of the darkness, and then the flashing lights of an ambulance coming down. I took it off because I couldn't breathe, and a truck came down. When the answer arrives, it includes no complete sentences and adds up to a vague, unremarkable, "No, not really." Keanu Reeves has been busy. I got out of the way, and it ran over my helmet." What did the experience teach you? He has four movies awaiting release and will make one more before committing himself to nearly a year and a half's work on two , is a part-comic tale of some replacement football players loosely based on the 1987 NFL strike. "The script that I originally read and the film that was made were very different," he notes. The following are the strangest theories about movies and movie stars to grace the internet.

We're not talking about logic within movies (like the amazing Pixar theory, or the fan theory that Draco Malfoy is a werewolf) – these are the mad speculations about things that happened in the real world of the movies, to actual stars. which was partially set on the moon, but some people believe he was hired to fake the actual moon landing in 1969 in order to win the space race.

"Here is the truth: In my obit, it will say that I wrote it.

People don't want to think those two cute guys wrote it."Goldman admitted he was consulted as a script doctor (absolutely par for the Hollywood course) and his sole contribution to the script was to agree with some cuts that the producer had already suggested. Best not look too deeply into this one then, but a certain website claims that a "9/11 truther" and conspiracy-theorising prank-caller named Mark Dice is actually River Phoenix, who faked his own death to avoid "Satanic Hollywood".

Altri suoi ruoli notevoli includono il gigolò Scott Favor nel dramma Belli e dannati, Jack Traven in Speed, Shane Falco in Le riserve, il principe Siddartha nel Piccolo Buddha, Kevin Lomax nel thriller soprannaturale L'avvocato del diavolo, John Constantine nell'omonimo film, il detective Johnny Utah in Point Break e John Wick Keanu Reeves è nato a Beirut, in Libano, il 2 settembre del 1964, figlio di Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr., un geologo statunitense di origini inglesi, native hawaiiane, cinesi, irlandesi, portoghesi, olandesi, italiane e francesi, e Patricia Taylor, una ballerina e costumista inglese.

Patricia incontrò Samuel nella capitale libanese, dove faceva la ballerina di intrattenimento.

Keanu Charles Reeves (Beirut, 2 settembre 1964) è un attore, regista e musicista canadese.