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Consider that their populations used to include millions and millions of sea turtles. The reproductive rates of the turtles are slow, so it is difficult for them to recover from slaughter by poachers and fishermen.There’s an expat in a bar called the Blue Marlin, which is on the ground floor of a pink hotel in downtown San José, Costa Rica.He used to be a detective, did a bit of vice, enough to know how the world works, how people think. And they’ve gotta be a nice guy.“The expat takes a drink, studies the gringos again.To glimpse any one of the sea turtles who nest in Costa Rica is an inspiring experience.All are magnificent, mysterious creatures with distinct qualities: the astonishing arribadas of the olive ridley the impressive strength of the loggerhead sea turtle; the nimble maneuvers of the green turtle/pacific green turtle; the gorgeous colors of the hawksbill sea turtle; and the gigantic hulk of the leatherback turtle. Nevertheless, the global populations of sea turtles are declining at an alarming rate.Hawksbill global population, at about 8,000 nesting females, is one of the most frightening scenarios.

The hawksbill’s population has been cut by more than 80% in just 100 years.

Seven girls sit on stools in the back corner, smoking cigarettes and looking bored.

Six more are off the to the left, just beyond the casino, in the lobby of the Hotel Del Rey. Not much to choose from this early—not for them, not for the men.

It’s late, and he’s drinking gin.“Now look at the guys.“ Another sweep with the glass. “Guys like them, to get a girl like one of these in the States, they’ve gotta have three things. “All these guys,“ he says, “they’ve probably got one of those things. But I guarantee you, none of them have all three.“When you’re not drunk and the place is almost empty, this is what it looks like: There are tables just inside the door to the right, three rows of them between the windows fronting the street and the wooden rail that keeps people from tumbling off the raised platform that holds the main bar, which is huge, two peninsulas poking out in the shape of an upside-down U.

There are TVs bolted to the walls and tuned to sports channels, because this is ostensibly a sports bar, and there are fish—stuffed fish, carved fish, and sculpted fish—mounted above the liquor shelves and dangling from the ceiling, because the “World Famous“ Blue Marlin is also ostensibly a fisherman’s bar, even though it’s hours away from any place where you might actually catch a fish.

Even natural predators, and many of them, wait for baby turtles to hatch.