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Validating an index

validating an index-84

This is working correctly, I get an integrity constraint violation if I attempt to add a row where the values of these two fields already exist in another row. In my model I've added a rule; CDb Command failed to execute the SQL statement: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry 'field1Test Data-field2Test Data' for key 'foo_uk'.

These hypotheses were tested using four waves of surveys of customers (overnight visitors) intercepted at the park in a two-year period.The annotations highlight the growth of these two indexes over time, and the chart itself shows the context for the recognition of the S&P Composite as the preferred ultra-long-term indicator for the US equities market.Background on the S&P Composite The composite index is just that, a composition that splices the S&P 500, which started in March 1957, with historical data that included the companies in the S&P 90, founded in 1926, the S&P 233 weekly index dating from 1923, and earlier market data painstakingly gathered by Alfred Cowles. (d) BMWP observed and expected values for the regional extrapolation sites. Scores of the BMWP for the validation and range extension study sites. Physicochemical parameters and the abundances of the aquatic macroinvertebrates were used for the BMWP index calibration, which was performed in steps obtaining: the physicochemical quality index (Pcq), incorporation of abundances classes of macroinvertebrates taxa in the corresponding Pcq interval and the determination of bioindication values for each macroinvertebrate family. (c) BMWP observed and expected values for the index validation. We obtained water samples and aquatic macroinvertebrates in four sampling campaigns (dry and rainy seasons).works perfectly, thanks, I was trying to do this without an extension, and still have no idea why it doesn't work as described in the Yii documentation...

The urban river zone of Apatlaco River showed: bad, very polluted to very bad categories.

The S&P Composite has been popularized by Yale Professor Robert Shiller, and an Excel copy of the data, updated monthly, is maintained at his Yale website.

Making the Chart For an apples-to-apples comparison of the Dow and the Composite, we downloaded the complete daily Dow data from the Dow Jones website.

Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in the fee-for-service program present an ideal opportunity to study racial/ethnic disparities in health status, mortality, and health services use because they have similar health care coverage.

The Medicare enrollment database (EDB) contains person-specific information on the demographic characteristics - age, gender, race/ethnicity - of beneficiaries.

It also includes information on whether beneficiaries receive additional Government benefits - ranging from help paying their share of premiums to benefits not included in regular Medicare - due to their low income level.