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In fact, though I stayed in North Vancouver, since the Joe Fortes Branch of the Vancouver Public Library was just over the soaring Lions Gate Bridge and through bucolic Stanley Park, it was easier to reach than any of the libraries in my suburb.Though the front could easily be mistaken for a funky café, this branch is actually part of a large joint operation with the West End Community Centre and the King George High School.

read dating vpl-20

Very well used, with one of the highest internet use/machine at VPL, the space is way too small.Zines are handmade, underground publications that resemble little magazines or chapbooks.They are most often a labour of love, inspired by a need to communicate and connect with like-minded folks, or as an avenue for disseminating art or political ideas. To avoid any lines under skin-tight clothing, you’re only genuinely VPL-proof option is to go commando. So we spend hours trying to smooth our bums with our hands or wearing long tops to try and cover our arses. Cheers to not giving a sh✨t what people think about your body or the way you dress. The bit you try to suck in if you’re wearing dresses. Well, body positivity blogger Self Love Club is trying to get us to love our VBO – visible belly outline – in order to make the most of the summer season.Literally, everyone carries a little padding on their stomachs.

You shouldn’t have to go around dressed in a sackcloth because of it.

Lovely little comic zine about the things that happen on the way to work. " at every fork in the road and every step in his path through life.

Jason Turner is a published comic artist whose graphic novel "True Loves" made it onto Vancouver Public Library's One Book One Vancouver short list for 2007. You don't need to be a Tintin fan to appreciate this witty and insightful zine.

Zines are produced from a desire for self-expression not for financial gain, true to the DIY ethic.

They can be fiction or non-fiction, cover any subject and are most often written from a personal standpoint.

They are usually self-published in small print runs by photocopying , using basic binding techniques (stales, string, or elastics) and come in many shapes and sizes.