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For a Church that preaches modesty, frugality and clean living to its youth, high school proms can be problematic.

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Pick your genre poison and gather around the small screen for a night where the slashers, ghosts, goblins, and zombies get a run for their money.As it slowly pulls him out to sea, the old man reminisces about his past, his successes and the high points of his life.When he does finally manage to land the fish he has to fight off sharks who are feeding on it as he tries to return to his Cuban village.I guess it was Spencer Tracy's turn to do it now.I'm not sure that any actor no matter how good they are could keep the audiences attention on him for 90 minutes just alone in a boat, struggling to hook the mother of all marlins.One of the most interesting features of the Coelacanth, is that it has paired fins which move in a similar fashion to our arms and legs.

Meristic counts (see Smith, 1986) for are as follows: First dorsal fin: 8 spines Second dorsal fin: 30 rays Anal fin: 27 to 31 rays Pectoral fin: 29 to 32 rays Pelvic fins: 29 to 33 rays Caudal fin: 25 38 21 rays An amazing discovery A few days before Christmas in 1938, a Coelacanth was caught at the mouth of the Chalumna River on the east coast of South Africa.

The fish was caught in a shark gill net by Captain Goosen and his crew, who had no idea of the significance of their find.

They thought the fish was bizarre enough to alert the local museum in the small South African town of East London. The Coelacanth was eventually named (scientific name: ) in honour of Miss Courtney-Latimer.

The scariest thing about most into-the-woods horror flicks?

Just how hapless and ill-prepared the victims are when confronted with haunted cabins, ax murderers, or hell-sent wildlife.

Finally, a zombie apocalypse spent fishing, camping, and road-tripping across the countryside.