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Corinne bailey rae dating steve brown

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I was recently asked along to photograph another Corinne Bailey-Rae gig in Leeds (pics from the last Leeds Academy can be seen here).This gig was at Left Bank Leeds, an arts and events venue in the former St Margaret of Antioch church in the heart of Leeds’ student ghetto, Hyde Park.

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The west-end of the church (showing above) was never actually completed, hence looking impressively unchurchlike from this end, and distinctly gothic inside.Recording a verdict of misadventure the coroner said Jason was 'a naive user’ as 'there was no evidence he had used methadone in the past,' which would have made the affects of the drug stronger. She says she does not 'feel in control’ of her songwriting and tunes 'just sort of happen’.It’s been a little over 12 months since Corinne Bailey Rae returned from a six-year hiatus with her third studio album The Heart Speaks In Whispers.As the title of her brilliant new album has it, "In ancient Egypt the letter or hieroglyphic for the word 'heart' was a heart-shaped vessel. It was the centre of the personality, of understanding, of will and thought as well as creative imagination.It's how we in the west now view the mind."win a Grammy, before she retreated from public view. Bailey Rae had first shot to enormous global fame and acclaim when, at the start of 2006, her self-titled debut album featuring hit singles such as 'Put Your Records On' and 'Like A Star' entered the UK charts at Number One and reached Number Four on the US charts.Single Put Your Records On rose to No2 in Britain and Like A Star charted on both sides of the Atlantic triggering a 2006 international tour with R&B singer John Legend and two MOBO Awards.

She won a Grammy for her collaboration with jazz pianist Herbie Hancock on his album River: The Joni Letters.

That said, the Mobos are still important because they continue to recognise black work even when it falls out of favour with the mainstream which obviously does happen,” she warns.

Corinne Bailey Rae, January 2016 Corinne Bailey Rae has been away.

For Leeds-born Corinne, 37, honed her talents in a local Baptist church and worked as a hat check girl in a city jazz club before being plucked to stardom after marrying saxophone player Jason Rae.

Her self-titled first album debuted at No1 in the UK charts and reached No4 in the US where it sold 1.9 million copies.

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