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The term "musket" is applied to a variety of weapons, including the long, heavy guns with matchlock or wheel lock and loose powder fired with the gun barrel resting on a stand, and also lighter weapons with Snaphance, flintlock or caplock and bullets using a stabilizing spin (Minié ball), affixed with a bayonet.16th-century troops armed with a heavy version of the arquebus called a musket were specialists supporting the arquebusiers and pikemen formations.

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And this year the appeal of “never again” of the world’s first atomic bomb attack has gained poignant urgency as North Korea relentlessly moves ever closer to acquiring nuclear weapons which it may be rash enough to unleash. By the start of the 18th century, a lighter version of the musket had edged out the arquebus, and the addition of the bayonet edged out the pike, and almost all infantry became musketeers.In the 18th century, improvements in ammunition and firing methods allowed rifling to be practical for military use, and the term "rifled gun" gave way to "rifle".In the 19th century, rifled muskets (which were technically rifles, but were referred to as muskets) became common, combining the advantages of rifles and muskets.About the time of the introduction of cartridge, breechloading, and multiple rounds of ammunition just a few years later, muskets fell out of fashion.V -^^ College of am and Mary ^EXT RIGHT Dorms, left i » ■ M ^ /* . " Underneath this "colonial" facade the College which likes to project itself, has a lot more going for it than a pretty place to go to school.

here were others who laughed ^ and cried with us the mere fact that we Wilham and Mary in his o d, ate, slept, and played in a common place, linked all those who have attended this venerable institution. As with everything, there are good and bad points to the College.

A typical smooth bore musket firing at a single target was only accurate to about 50 yards (46 m) to 70 yards (64 m) using the military ammunition of the day, which used a much smaller bullet than the musket bore to compensate for accumulation of ash in the barrel under battlefield conditions.

%1 ^.^ Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2010 with funding from LYRASIS members and Sloan Foundation '7V^. So, the girls tipus looked much as d the spring before, as if r or the Summit had never happened. The Gen- eral Assembly had decided that eighteen year olds could vote and be drafted, but they weren't old enough for beer. mixers, and smokers ■I ^y, THE STUDENT st(y)-ad-9iit n: a pressured, sober, quiet, exciting, oblivious, concerned, intellectual, drunk, boring, competitive, apathetic, carefree, procrastinating, hyperactive, diverse, frustrated, ambitious, permiscuous, determined . Wouldn't it be nice if Junior could go here one day.''!

The year's potential opened simultaneously the opening of dorm and apartment doors. 0fl^ -\ :l k-^7 ^ ^ nmer of '83 seen seven of State for the Id a Ji M idustrialized ng Williams- nt pages and sks. These included the overly competitive nature of the school, grade quality, too much emphasis on sports, no social life, the food, and housing, not to mention reputation, size, tradition, cost, and location.

Larry Broomall, Vice- President for Business Af- fairs, had chosen Bridges House as the new location f„_ u:- office. "It sure looks nice on the surface with all these neat old buildings and the seemingly contented looks on the students.

Whether the time spent here was pleasant or not does ters is that there wer ' ' ' ' J - J - •-•- And the pai late summer's ( vans. Good points according to the students seem to be reputation, size, tradition, cost and location.