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” Sue compliments Kate's offcuts in week one, season five "It's just a bit bold and fat and big..." And it's for men!

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People have been venting on social media that they are mostly unhappy with how the new characters look, appearing to look like Android emojis rather than those of the i Phone.The applications are more different than they are alike and some are saying that Lively is not a virtual world at all.Lively doesn’t currently support any user-generated content and avatars must be clothed at all times.Since the update, users of the messaging app have asked and demanded for Facebook to provide an option to swap the new emojis out for the old ones. You can now turn off the new emojis in Facebook Messenger on both i OS and Android devices, but do note that there isn’t an option to do so on your desktop or laptop just yet.The process to turn off the emojis should work for both operating systems, but Android users have reported not being able to do so.But mainly, think massive horn" Perkins when describing the Petits Fours pastries challenge to the contestants in week seven, season four Christine: “You can’t change [the recipe] too much because otherwise it’s not a spotted dick anymore, it’s something else” Perkins: “Otherwise it’s just a ginger dick” Perkins reduced contestant Christine to giggles in week seven, season four “I’ve never eaten a nun before” Perkins, who is openly gay, shocked contestant Glenn ahead of a French pastry challenge in week seven, season four , after taking a bite of a French choux confection known as a “religieuse”, due to its resemblance to a miniature pastry nun.

"It looks very nice on top, and I just hope that's replicated underneath" Mary Berry got involved with the innuendo while judging the pies in week seven "Go on Mary, give it a good slapping" In a glut of filo pastry-related smut, it was judge Paul Hollywood's cheeky encouragement to Berry's demonstration which won in week four, season four • Mary Berry: ‘The Great British Bake Off is a doddle’ "I feel like I've been on Glenn's Helter Skelter" Bake Off finalist Frances referred to a fellow contestant's signature bake after an emotional contest in week five • Why Bake Off is the best advert for melting-pot Britain "Time to stop fiddling with Charlotte now" Perkins called time on the contestants' efforts to make a Charlotte Royale in week nine, season four "I'm going to try the old wiggling between two dangling things technique" Contestant Glenn explains his unusual baking practice in week three, season four "Oh no, you have some irregular-shaped balls" A classic piece of criticism from Mary Berry “He loves his buns” Berry tells the viewers something new about Hollywood, a professional baker, in week six, season four “It’s all in the wrist action” Mary discusses whisking techniques "Get those lady’s fingers soggy!

Everybody loves a conversation sprinkled with plenty of emojis to fully communicate a message that punctuation simply can’t achieve on its own.

Last Thursday, Facebook upped their emoji game to better represent its diverse user-base with your choice or skin tone and gender (all of which appear in the messaging app once it’s been updated with the most recent patch).

What could go wrong with law library pick-up lines? You made the world laugh, and that’s a real accomplishment.

Here’s the admittedly incredibly lame joke that started it all: Eventually, with about 2,000 tweets from members of the legal profession, #lawlibpickuplines soared to the number 2 trending spot on Twitter last night. The fun is still going on, so feel free to tweet away using #lawlibpickuplines or peruse the hashtag history if you’re in need of a smile and a chuckle this afternoon.

You've had a great day, Nancy" Nancy receives the ultimate compliment in week one "You have got two hours to pop Mary's cherry..." The second half of this quote from Sue was: "..the oven, and bring it out again.