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Who dating who rihanna

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The company also has built the largest vehicle distribution network in Saudi Arabia.Last year, the young businessman briefly dated British stunner Naomi Campbell.

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Drake, looking very nice in a a tux, was presenting Rihanna with the Vanguard Award at the 2016 VMAs, recalled his first time meeting Rihanna in 2005 while she was shooting a video at a Toronto restaurant where he worked.The pair have been constantly linked over the years but it seems they're together for real this time.Apparently she's even cemented their relationship with her new tattoo of a shark.Supposedly the new camo shark was choosen as a reference to one of their dates, where he took her to an aquarium in Toronto and bought her a stuffed animal shark.Rihanna and Drake have occupied our thoughts for a while now - we just wish that he'd declare his love for her on stage or something.Yesterday, Rihanna was spotted having a full-on makeout session with a new mystery man.

Fans immediately took notice of his good looks, but for the most part had no clue as to who this guy is that has caught Riri’s attention.

2005: Aubrey Graham meets Robyn Fenty at Avocado, a restaurant in Toronto, while she's in town shooting the music video for "Pon de Replay." Literally, they found love in a place called Avocado, how perfect is that?!

According to Drake's VMAs speech, he was "introduced to her as the kid who played background music as people ate their dinner."May 2009: Drake and Rihanna are spotted making out at a Lucky Strike bowling alley in New York, two months after her split from Chris Brown (and three months after Brown assaulted her).

Ever since Drake took to the VMAs stage in a tuxedo and pronounced his undying love for Rihanna to the entire world, the internet has been obsessed with trying to figure out whether they are lovers or just insanely close friends.

The two have been notoriously tight-lipped about putting a label on their relationship, but it just takes a quick look at their history together to see that they've always been soul mates.

The couple was spotted at a Stevie Wonder performance at last year’s Barclaycard British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park.