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Rockford pocket watch dating

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The factory building was built in 1875-76, incorporating equipment purchased from the Cornell Watch Company. and had previously worked for the United States Watch Co. factory building still exists today housing several small businesses. Artzner, Darrah G., A Review of the Rockford Watch Company And It’s Watches With Emphasis On Model Identification, 2011, available from NAWCC Chapter 149. Pocket Watch Database: - Serial number lookup and information for Ball, Elgin, Hamilton, Hampden, Illinois, Rockford, South Bend and Waltham.

The very best, most expensive Waltham watches for all of that roughly 50-year period, from 1859 until maybe 1915 or so, were always labeled American Watch Co. The town of Waltham had become well known, and the name appeared on all of their watches as the location anyway.The Rockford Watch and the Illinois Watch Case factories will be operated jointly with respect to the output, but will remain separate plants so far as mechanical workings are concerned. In its last years, 1913-1915, Rockford built wind indicator watches in both 16-size and 18-size. The 16-size Rockford Indicators were built first, followed by the 18-size.Henry Burgell's Interactive Rockford Serial Number Lookup Table provides basic information about Rockford watches.Many of the later Rockford watches are signed "RG" for "Railroad Grade" The company had financial difficulties in 1896, and after reorganization the name was changed to Rockford Watch Co. Be sure to use the serial number on the movement (the works) of the watch. Tom Mc Intyre talks about antique pocket watches, discussing key manufacturers, the mechanics behind the watches, the varying types, and the collecting hobby in general. At first, production was about ten watches per day.

The factory, in Rockford, IL, was completed in 1876 with the first watches getting to the market later that year.

Please note there is a difference between the number marked on the movement and the one marked on the case.

These tables are only accurate for the movement serial numbers.

I collect precision clocks, clocks that are very accurate timekeepers, and marine chronometers; things like that.

I specialize in a few different specific types of pocket watches, but my principal interest is in the Waltham Watch Company, and even more specifically in the American Watch Co. When the American watch industry first began, the first successful company was called the American Watch Co., and it was founded out of the Boston Watch Company, which had failed in 1859. was formed, and it’s generally considered to be the first successful company.

was formed in 1870 by Paul Cornell, a real-estate dealer in suburban Chicago, along with J. Around 1902 railroad grade watches began being marked "Adjusted to 5 Positions." During the late 1880's the factory was producing about 150 watches per day, employing 350 people.