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How to talk to kids about dating after divorce

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Yet others start new families and think more about that new family and less about the kids from their former relationship.So I thought that today I’d write about the relocating after a divorce when kids are involved.

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All too often, women experience the same conflicts with their ex that originally led to divorce: constant arguments, reactive behavior leading to emotional upsets, old patterns of reliance, the barrage of destructive barbs aimed at your self-esteem and deep hurts.Out of the blue, he told her he wanted a divorce -- but he wouldn't tell her or their kids why he was leaving.Months later, a sudden and unexpected medical problem found Michaels close to death.As I thought about this ruling, what came to mind was the fact that after divorce, when individuals are free to go on and live the rest of their lives, many parents make major decisions with the kids in mind.While others make those decisions with what’s best for them or their careers in mind.So it's not easy, but if it's really important to both of you, and both of you work at it, it can have a good outcome.

Question from Lois: What about trips that are only for singles?

In that post, I shared how in my state – Florida – the family law rules have changed recently and one of the significant changes is that the term visitation is no longer used; instead, it’s now time-sharing. The Florida courts now promote the idea that kids have two homes in which they live – no longer living primarily with one parent and visiting the other every other weekend.

The big winners in this ruling are the kids, as far as I’m concerned.

Most couples, as they enter relationships, are on cloud nine, as the expression goes. Then comes reality; when the honeymoon is over and life becomes life, it’s a big wake-up call for many.

Still, they settle down and have kids and try to make the best of life, despite the fact that they’ve realized that the person who they married is not quite as perfect as the person that they dated.

To truly be divorced you must put forth great effort and inner work that will sever your ties to your ex and you must build a structure that will facilitate that work.