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Android weather widget not updating location

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Yo Window does not know when the seasons change at your place.But, it is trying hard to guess the correct picture.

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eg when checking an input string with a constant string you should start with the constant string like here: if ("Some String".equals(input String)) //even if input String is null no exception is thrown. Although this answer is specificially about the Intelli J IDE, it is also applicable to other tools as is apparanet from teh comments. The default apps and settings on Android aren’t always the best if speed is your priority.If your phone has a slower processor or is light on RAM, then maintaining a lean home screen can help speed it up.There are 5 seasonal pictures in Yo Window - winter, spring, summer, naked and autumn. Making a few changes and keeping your phone free from clutter can give you a quick performance boost.The first commercial version, Android 1.0, was released in September 2008.

Android is continually developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance, and it has seen a number of updates to its base operating system since the initial release.

Silently ignoring invalid input and doing nothing in the method is extremely poor advice because it hides the problem.

Yes check if the object equals null before you invoke a method on it or try to access a variable it might have.

The default web browser on Android is Chrome, and it’s a pretty resource-heavy app Some benchmark tests have shown Puffin to be the fastest Android browser, or if you prefer something more similar to Chrome, then take a look at Opera.

When you assign it to 10 in the second line your value 10 is written into the memory location pointed to by x.

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