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More On tonight’s NYCCR Pat is joined by Larry Izzo, Mo “The Monster” Johnson, and Randi Newton chatting about a hammer wielding Asian, up skirt pics, a Batman beat down, a Cookie monster stabbing, and a phantom of the opera.Mo talks about squirting, we hear about an old person stomping,...

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She is on the run and Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for information leading to her arrest.Four of the suspects are accused of molestation, and the others are charged with possession, receipt, distribution and manufacture of child pornography, as well as conspiracy and other offenses."We plan to prosecute them and others involved in this vile chat room to the fullest extent of the law," Attorney General Alberto Gonzales told reporters in Chicago, adding that the victims "are now in safe custody."The investigation into the Web site, which was not designed to generate a profit, began 10 months ago with an arrest in Edmonton, Alberta, according to the Justice Department.Tonight on NYCCR Pat talks about dog fucking, the callers chime in on their favorite dogs to fuck, Dave Landau, Bobo, and Jeff Katzman join the panel, El Chapo pops in to talk about his buddy Sean Penn, and Urban Tarzan talks about snake bites. More On tonight’s NYCCR Pat is joined by Layton Benton, Kelli Provocateur, Mandy Stadtmiller, and Detective Dakota chatting it up about the travel ban, “cannibal cop,” interracial sex, a lovely letter from “Guns for Tards,” we hear about the recent oculus escalator whoopsie, and they get into some porn. More On tonight’s NYCCR Pat begins talking about the protests that have been popping up all over the city, Joey Di Piazza, Tony Tudor, and Larry Izzo sit panel and go on to talk more about the protests, NY paper covers, the process to become a citizen, and a twelve-year-old Chicken Mc Nugget..."We are continuing to pray for all parties involved."The release said Wieneke was charged in an indictment on June 13.The indictment was made public Monday after Wieneke's arrest and initial court apppearance, the release said. Annoreno's lawyer denied that charge Wednesday and said his client was not involved in distributing child pornography.

Thirteen of the people charged are from the United States, nine from Canada, three from Australia and two from England, according to the Justice Department.

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The Kansas City radio show “Afentra’s Big Fat Morning Buzz” took a big hit from a federal court jury Friday. Ashley Patton filed the suit against the radio station’s owner, Entercom Kansas City, seeking damages for mental suffering, shame and humiliation.

More Pat begins tonight show talking with Jimmy Failla chatting about the electoral college vote, the Staten Island Wheel, a swimming deer, lying ass Yasmin Seweid, and Ken Boyd and Talia Reese chime in on lying ass Yasmin Seweid.

Garrett weighs in on the electoral voting results, we hear Sara Seweid’s...

of Clarksville, Tennessee • Acidburn of Bartlett, Illinois • Big_Daddy619 of Edmonton, Alberta •ax9572 of London, England • Entity of Manchester, England • Yyydbh5182 of North Aurora, Illinois • Behrplus_925 of Aurora, Illinois • Darkhorse of Kalamazoo, Michigan • Wharfrat of Reno, Nevada • Cu Le X of Milton, Florida • A_School_Teacher of Oakfield, New York • Lord_Newbie of Charlotte, North Carolina • Alex1 of Sebring, Florida • Nemo of Phoenix, Arizona • Blue Dragon of Ashgrove, Australia • Sir_CP of Victoria, Australia • Darc Biocode of Stafford, Australia• Lone Wolf_95 of Brandon, Manitoba • Henry40Babe of Kingston, Ontario • Lumberjack of Woodbridge, Ontario •10_boy_canada of Selkirk, Manitoba • Fydei of Longueuil, Quebec • Msg4Homemade of Courtenay, British Columbia • Lord Vader of Prince Georgia, British Columbia • Msg2Trade of Toronto, Ontario • Humble Duchess of Osceola, Iowa• Geograns of Kapolei, Hawaii CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN) -- An Internet chat room that streamed video of live child molestations has been shut down and 27 people have been charged with online child pornography offenses, federal authorities said Wednesday.