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I think net neutrality is good for PR, but whenever they have to make a decision... They switched to entirely HTML5 a few months ago Edit: And youtube? I have flash disabled (chrome://plugins) and haven't seen any issues on any of those sites. I had to do this on my laptop (chrome on macos) a few months ago because the HTML5 player was too unstable.

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Yes, the last page of that presentation says: There is no longer any notion of a Whitelist for this feature The original proposal called for seeding the feature with a list of sites who had Flash usage above 1% (i.e. Instead we have updated our design to use Site Engagement to better tailor our enablement, of the feature, based on the browsing habits of the end user (i.e. Has Google confirmed this actually made it into Chrome 55?

One of the article's sources is from earlier this year, and the developer thread they link to has been quiet for about a month.

I wonder if plans changed and they're leaving it behind a flag for now, or if they're A/B testing it somehow.[1]

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