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Who is barry sanders dating

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Divorce is difficult for everyone involved, but it can be especially hard on your children.

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“The way I've done things is a reflection on how I was raised,” Barry J. Now, her 3-year-old son, Terrance Johnson, is a regular, too.Barry Sanders and his wife are NOT playing nice in their divorce -- the couple is butting heads over EVERY conceivable point of contention ... but proceedings hit a rough patch because the two couldn't agree on how to divvy up their stuff. Barry and Lauren recently went to a mediator to help work out their issues ... The docs show the two are still battling over all 5 major issues in any divorce -- custody, parenting time, spousal support, child support and property. The NFL legend filed for divorce from his TV anchor wife Lauren Campbell-Sanders back in February ...Earlier that month, Johnson reportedly head-butted his now-ex-wife during an argument."Basketball Wives" star Lozada was hospitalized for a laceration on her head, and Johnson was arrested on misdemeanor domestic violence charges. regularly goes to Michigan to spend time with his dad, Oklahoma has always been his home and his mom has always been his primary caregiver. “I think people should definitely recognize it.” Everyone knows Barry J.'s dad. Aletha House has been a constant at her son's games. Sanders was playing summer baseball in Texas or high school football at Heritage Hall, his mother has always been there.

He has attended a couple of Heritage Hall's games already this season, usually arriving at the last minute and staying in the shadows.

letha House watches her son play on Friday nights and doesn't see all that much difference between him and other running backs. Their son, Barry James Sanders, was born the year his dad won his second of four rushing titles. “We just kind of made a pact that we were going to do it together,” Aletha said. was younger, and to pass the time during the school day, he would play golf by himself at Lake Hefner.

In the turn-on-a-dime jukes and the break-a-defender's-ankle moves, she sees something that is almost magical. They were together when Barry decided to leave OSU for the NFL, when the Detroit Lions drafted him third in 1989 and when he became one of the best backs in pro football. Aletha had primary custody, but while Barry was playing football hundreds of miles away, he still wanted to be part of his son's life.

“His father's a major part in his life,” Aletha said. We make decisions together.” They discuss every big issue involving Barry J.

While there has been some legal wrangling over the years about child support, Aletha and Barry still consult with each other on everything from school to sports.

Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders has filed for divorce from his wife, Lauren, after 11 years of marriage.