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Unattractive dating

But it's only normal to feel sometimes like you're not.In a world saturated with airbrushed models selling everything from junk food to automobiles, your opinion of yourself can become dangerously low.

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Surprisingly, true beauty comes from within your heart, body, and soul. What every man needs to know about the heart and mind of women. Besides, aren’t these the qualities spelled out on every woman’s dating ‘List? Men, the world over, have wondered why women continually pass up the quintessential nice guy who is loving, caring, giving, supportive, accommodating, faithful and head-over-heels in love with them.First up is a personal favorite of mine:#thethirst The Thirst can be described as women who are overly eager to find a man.You can find these women at every open bar, every week in search of Mr. We know you’re thirsty because the event is an after work event yet you found time to travel home to put on your freakum dress and 5 inch heels.Thirsty women are at the bar, visibly parched looking at the other women scoping out their competition with the “hawk eye”, giving the appearance of the mean chick.

But she’s not mean at all, because #thethirst will turn her into chatty Cathy/ desperate Debbie and the desperation is unattractive. But can we talk about that funky smelling weave with the tracks showing because that’s not a good look.

Your physical appearance isn’t something that matters the most, but people with unattractive behaviors think that outer beauty is all that matters. People who are seen as unattractive are often in fights with their friends. In a group of friends, everyone should be on an equal playing field.

Take a look in the mirror – deep within yourself – and you might see what lies beneath. Instead of banning together and truly being able to care for others, you’re always turning your back, and stabbing them in theirs. If you’re the one always making decisions, constantly needing to be in charge, or trying to control what others are doing, you’re acting in an unattractive way.

In fact, they often bend over backwards to accomplish this task.

If and when they enter into a deeper level of commitment, they often take things a step further.

Now, don’t get me wrong, every woman probably likes it a first.