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Central Scotland Police circulated the photograph to other forces in an attempt to identify him, but with no success.An Essex Police spokesman said: “The photo did not show him in police uniform and was taken from an oblique angle.

Anyone who does not respect another’s privacy, who will not leave them alone, who posts embarrassing or threatening statements about them, or ‘shares’ photos online without their permission is being abusive.Commercial sexual exploitation can happen to both women and men.Women involved are often on low incomes, are substance users and there is strong evidence that they have experience of other forms of gender based violence.The internet makes it very easy for people to quickly connect with others and find out and send very personal information.But it also allows people to hide who they really are and what they are doing. Some examples are: The person who commits any kind of sexual violence and abuse is always responsible for it. Even if a young person has taken risks or done something that made them vulnerable, this does not mean that they caused or invited the abuse.“Whilst this photo was viewed by a number of Essex Police staff it is no real surprise that he was not initially recognised.” Instead, using painstaking detective work, Central Scotland Police discovered the messages were sent via an internet modem bought in a store in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, by West using a credit card.

A Central Scotland Police spokesman said further information was sent to Essex Police, at which point they identified West as one of their own officers.

He sexually assaulted some victims and subjected others to indecent behaviour between September 2007 and July 2009.

He was caught during a police operation to snare internet paedophiles. The High Court in Glasgow heard how the microbiology student from Glasgow University abused 11 girls and eight boys from across the UK who were aged between eight and 15 at the time.

He later forwarded the images on to nine other people.

Byrne then had sex with two underage girls, aged 13 and 15, in 2008 at a flat in the Glasgow's Bridge Street.

Depending on the incident or the abuse, it may be possible to get protection under the law.