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But, as any film buff will tell you, watching these classics on DVD or TV is no match for a theatre experience, where roaring enemy jets swooping down on the Allies can send you ducking for cover too. Come October, and it will bring screens to the beck-and-call of moviegoers, allowing them to schedule a show of their favourite film at a screen of their choice and a time of their convenience.

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Guyana's recent history is characterized in particular by the struggle to free itself from colonial rule, and from the lingering effects of colonialism.According to Kotak, non-banking companies are better placed to reap the benefit of a shift towards the formal sector.Kotak also indicated that his bank would look for growth opportunities.Corporate stories are my forte but that has not restricted me from writing on diverse subjects such as sports (especially Formula 1), films, music and so on...If trailers of Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film Dunkirk (based on the famous Dunkirk evacuation during World War II) have whetted your appetite for more war movies, you could take your pick from the likes of The Guns of Navarone, Where Eagles Dare or Saving Private Ryan.While a show can be scheduled only if a minimum threshold of tickets is sold, Vakaoo also helps a user reach out to others through social media and tie up with those who are interested in the movie.

“People today want to consume content when they want, at their convenience and at a place of their choice,” says Kamal Gianchandani, chief of strategy, PVR.

Mercedes-Benz India which introduced the AMG sub-brand in 2010, has cumulatively sold over 500 cars and now gearing up to roll out new models.“The growth of AMG in India is very encouraging.

Here Mercedes-AMG remains the clear market leader with more than 50% market share in the luxury performance This is the first time in the current fiscal that the industrial output has shown a decline.

Incidentally, Kotak Bank is worth more than the collective market cap of 16 of the 21 listed public sector banks.

A journalist for 18 years, I have been writing on business with special focus on automobiles, commodities and management.

On May 26, 1966, Guyana gained independence from Britain.