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Politics and online dating

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Casting a vote for a Republican is by no means a date deal breaker as far as I’m concerned. It changed the background music playing behind her monologues. We left it at that, and she moved on to talking about David Cronenberg movies. ) But I confess this revelation threw a different light across the gal’s smile.

It really impacts how I feel about them.” That’s why she was delighted to find “What I like about this site is that it really hones in on your interest and how you feel about the world," Bell says."Before I knew this one existed, I was surfing the other websites.Laurie Davis, an online dating coach and founder of the dating consulting service e Flirt Expert, doesn't find the study results all that enlightening.The fact that researchers sampled users on a free site, she said, increased the likelihood that people would not post their political preferences.If similar political views bring people together on the campaign trail, why not in romance as well?

That’s the concept behind two new dating websites for people on opposite sides of the political spectrum.

The online dating of yesteryears (or at the very least, more common among older generations) involved lengthy questionnaires for its users to disclose their political preferences, among other things.

But user profiles on today's more popular dating apps consist only of a few carefully chosen photos and space for a brief bio.

“She was a disappointment to me,” came the answer, cryptically.

“It seemed like the country was getting more divided,” he says.

To protect the identities of those sampled, the study did not disclose the name of the site, but Klofstad told Huff Post that it was free to use and allowed users to select their own dates (as opposed to some sites, notably e Harmony, which pick matches for users).