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“People falling in love is actually the best thing that can happen on our site.Yes, it means that we lose two customers, but it also means that our platform has worked and that these people get to walk away happy.

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and you don't want to waste your time and emotions with poorly matched dates, or dating services targeted towards the masses!The success underscoring exclusive dating agencies in matching perfect partners lies in a number of factors.Firstly our agency is very selective in our membership, which ensures that a certain standard is maintained.Love can be hard to find in the mad-dash world of today – everyone’s either too busy or too stressed or too tired to go out and meet people, yet everyone still wants to find that special someone.Enter Jeronimo Folgueira, CEO of Affinitas – the parent company of major dating players such as Elite Singles, e Darling and Attractive World.A man committed to helping professionals find love, Folgueira explained to Business Grapevine the in’s and out’s of working in an amorous sector.

What sets the dating industry apart from other sectors?

Like many successful and busy executives, professionals and business-people, you've probably felt frustrated and uncomfortable with the services available to help you if you're looking for a well-matched date...

..special person you really 'click' with Simply Drinks is an exciting executive dating service with offices in Sydney and Brisbane.

Forget disclosing the details of your personal life to a twenty-six year old "consultant"...

Don't you deserve the attention of someone with real life experience?

This means don’t cancel or reschedule dates, don’t be late and don’t take your time in returning calls and texts.