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Updating an antique wardrobe trunk

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Check out these easy ways to repurpose old home furnishings before you decide to toss them out.

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Adding a tile backsplash to your kitchen is much easier than it looks — and totally affordable, too.You can use it to hang anything metal — especially knives — for a functional piece that also doubles as cool decor.Brighten up an otherwise dreary exterior with a colorful window box planter.Home renovations are typically thought of pricey, time-consuming projects.You don't need a costly contractor or interior designer to update your home — instead, try one of these DIY ways to update your home on a small budget.Stain new leather handles with a commercial oil-based stain before installation.

The metal brackets holding the leather handles are often secured with nails that have been bent over inside the trunk.

You can make this one for about $20 and it will only take you an hour.

You only have to worry about what you want to plant first!

Use a tape measure to locate the nail point on the inside of the trunk lining, then tap it loose with a nail-punch and hammer.

As each nail head pops out on the outside of the trunk, grasp it with a pair of pliers and pull it through.

The results are earthy-looking flowers on a crisp white palette. The rustic finish is perfect for a family room -- you can put your feet up, spill soda on it, not use your coaster – it doesn’t matter – it'll all add to the natural, rich patina.